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Fan Photos – Alston Quian

Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in Fan Photos | 0 comments

Hello Fans, we know that we where absent for a really long time but now we are back and we are continuing with fan photos series. Our first fan is Alston Quian. She is an ordinary girl, mother and Zumba instructor.
Read her story:

Fan Photos – Lee-ann Radnidge

Posted by on Oct 19, 2013 in Fan Photos | 0 comments

Hi there just thought I would share this. I have lost over 20 kg since having my son who is now 2. And this is this fittest i have been in my entire life. I train 9 times a week including max interval training, trx and kettlebells. I also follow a healthy eating regime which is high is protein low in fat lots of fruit and veg and good carbs.

Lee-ann Radnidge1

Booty Beatdown Review

Posted by on Oct 13, 2013 in Product Reviews | 0 comments

booty-beatdown review
OK, so this product, created by Ryan Watson, has been buzzing around for some time now and I thought it’s time to finally make Booty Beatdown review and see if it works. I have a close friend who’s regular with her fitness workouts, her diet is well balanced and overall she lives a very healthy lifestyle. She is also very proud of the fact that she no longer has belly fat which was one of her main problems for years. However, she still had that one thing that she didn’t really like about her body – a flat and tiny fanny. Even before, when she was a bit overweight, she never really had much volume around her glutes.